Relax, rejuvenate and renew with KOHLER whirlpools and BubbleMassages. Choose from hydro-massage features to chromatherapy enhancements to transform your bathroom into a luxurious, customized retreat
>> The Science of water and sound
Kohler has created a bath that delivers an unprecedented level of relaxation through sound vibration, achieving an experience that resonates within the entire body.
SPA Massage
>> Water on target
Offering essential benefits of KOHLER whirlpool with enhanced features, KOHLER Experience Whirlpools offers real solutions for unwinding and revitalization.
Relax Massage
>> Water that sparkles
Effervescence bathing technology envelops your body with sensory delight. Water and air gently travel through unique ports designed to pamper your body with champagne-like bubbles that cling to your skin.
>> Air.Water.Bliss
KOHLER BubbleMassage technology creates thousands of bubbles that thoroughly support and massage your body to deliver a holistic, complete-body experience.
>> Spa experience
With precise positioning and intensity-adjustable jets that deliver powerful directed massage, KOHLER whirlpools are engineered to maximize the unique benefits of hydrotherapy.
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