KOHLER toilets are offered in a selection of styles and shapes to suit your individual preferences.

KOHLER toilets are offered with a variety of performance-driven flushing systems that are engineered to meet your particular demands. Whether your needs are based on extraordinary flushing power or quiet performance with added comfort, KOHLER toilets provide the perfect solution. For a completely co-ordinated design presentation, select models that integrate with KOHLER suites and ensembles to create a unified look throughout your bath or powder room.

- Engineered to last a lifetime. Long-lasting, durable protection on non-porous Vitreous China.
- Low water absorption leads to easy to clean surface and toilet odorless.
- High-quality glaze materials provide consistent color.
- The thickness of KOHLER glaze is 0.6-1mm.
- Fully glazed trapway ensures smooth passage of waste removal.

Save water and feel the power!
KOHLER CLASS FIVE flushing technology saves up to 20% water while exceeding industry standards. Conservation doesn't have to mean sacrificing performance.

Reduced water usage
The Class Five 4.8L flushing system has extraordinary flushing performance and saves up to 20% water compared to industry standards. Less water used is not only environmental-friendly but also means less money spent on water bills.

Powerful flushing is the result of a new, innovative design - KOHLER Canister Flush Valve
The innovative canister flush valve is replacing the traditional flapper flush valve and delivers 360o water flow. This new design not only brings a more stable water flow, but also increases its flow rate to ensure a strong flushing performance.

Improved Bulk Flushing Performance with KOHLER's new 3¼ " Flush Valve
The KOHLER 3¼" flush valves is about 2.5 times bigger than the conventional ones. This accelerates the water flow rate and makes it 3 times faster than what's typical in the industry. The benefit for you and your family is a remarkably clean toilet every time after it completes the flush action.
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