Featuring a tremendous range of sizes, shapes, materials and colors, KOHLER baths offer a multitude of options to complement any bathing environment.

For over 130 years, Kohler has been perfecting the bathing experience and fine-tuning our offering to deliver what you desire.  
Premium Materials 
KOHLER Cast Iron bathtubs provide uncompromising strength with an ultra-thick layer of enamel that helps resist staining, scratching and chipping while retaining its glossy luster. 
KOHLER High-gloss Acrylic bathtubs resist chipping, and offer a smooth finish and rich color that penetrates the entire material. 
Wide array of designs
Design selection: Long, Oval, Round, Rectangular and Integrated Apron design 
Style preference: Traditional, Contemporary, Luxurious, Simple and Refreshing 
Dimensions: Ranging from length of 1.3m to 2m, and width from 70cm to 100cm 
Installation criteria: Freestanding, Drop-in, Undermount, Alcove and Corner installation 
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